Tuesday was one of the worst days of my life. Honestly, anticipating the two procedures to come, I was unable to sleep at all Monday night.

The first step at 7:00AM was the removal of roots from teeth in my lower jaw - five to be exact - by my dentist Dr. Vegter. Then, at 9:00AM at my oral surgeon’s office, the giant cell mass was scraped from my jawbone and I am awaiting results of the biopsy. According to my team of specialists, the surgery went extremely well. If the cell does not grow back, the next step will be implant surgery at the end of summer.

I am in A LOT of pain, so mostly resting and sleeping. I have definitely seen better days. Recovery should take about three weeks, which means no practicing much less looking at my horn. This will be the longest amount of time in my entire life that I have not played my trumpet...

Thank you for all of your love and support, which is better than what the doctor prescribed!

I am feeling hopeful.

More to come. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope to see many of you at my upcoming performances listed on my website.


PS. I will have information very soon about a big fundraiser with the San Diego Symphony in May. Funds raised will help me cover medical costs, some living expenses when I am unable to work after August while recovering from implant surgery, as well as complete two recording projects before the procedure, since the outcome of all of this remains to be seen. I hope you are able to join me and some of my closest friends in jazz for this very special evening.

For those that wish to help:

PAYPAL: gilbertc1972@aol.com or paypal.me/gilbertcastellanos
USPS: Gilbert Castellanos, PO Box 161251, San Diego CA 92176
FED EX/UPS: Gilbert Castellanos, 3288 Adams Ave #161251, San Diego CA 92176
Checks can be made out to “Gilbert Castellanos”

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